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About Us

John and Dianne Bloemendal spent two years working and living with a group of severely brainWorkshop.jpg-injured adults, resulting in a greater awareness of the challenges of everyday life for people with disabilities.

When the opportunity arose to design and produce a modular ramp system to compete with imported products and provide an alternative to permanent timber or concrete ramps, John spent more than a year working on prototypes and testing before the first ramps were installed in 2000, working from home (see photo, right). In 2006 the business moved to the current premises in Ranui, allowing much-needed room for expansion.

Originally part of Alloy Metalworx Ltd, from April 2012 Rampworx Ltd now operates as a separate company, with a range of products available nationwide.

John and Dianne Bloemendal - Directors

John.JPGJohn has over 30 years’ experience inDianne_Website.jpg various aspects of sheet metal engineering and fabrication, with Trade Cert qualifications, and has held management positions within the industry, including several years at Mercer Stainless and Alloy Yachts. In his spare time he enjoys racing his Fraser sports car and playing the saxophone.

Dianne’s background is in administration and banking. She worked for a large homecare provider before joining John fulltime in the business, and now is responsible for finance and marketing. Her favourite pastimes are reading and quilting.


 Our Team

Maria is our office Manager. She takes care of our accounts and daily running of the business. She keeps everyone in line and the customers happy. Maria has been with us since 2011. Originally from Uruguay, she has been living in New Zealand for the past 12 years. 


Nicolette is our office Assistant. It’s her voice you’ll usually hear on the phone. As well as quoting, arranging site visits and installations, and providing information, she helps Maria with the daily requirements.  


Zeph, Josh, Thomas, Matthew, Doug and Sean are guys you'll see in the workshop. Zeph an Josh will be the faces you'll see on site measures, ramp installations and removals. 

 Our Contractors

We have a team of independent contractors around the country, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, chosen for their experience and the people skills they’ve developed through running their own businesses. Fully trained by us, they will do everything from the initial site measure to installation and removal of ramps.

If you would like one of our contractors to look at a job for you, please CONTACT US and we will arrange for them to call you.