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"We are extremely impressed with the ramp system that was put in place for a young boy in South Auckland. It has changed his life, as he can go straight out his front door to see his friends on the footpath."  -  Jenny, Occupational Therapist

"Client’s mother, who usually has the weight of the world on her shoulders with such a disabled child to care for, was overcome and thrilled. It was wonderful to see a smile on her face" - Alexandra, ACC Assessor


"My husband was left with some dignity and independence. I liked the ramp being removable and easily cleaned, and most importantly, keeping him safe – he fell everywhere but on that ramp."  -  Jan

"I am really pleased with my new ramp. I found your company to be prompt and efficient. I also found the staff to be caring and understanding of my needs and very friendly. Thank you so much for my freedom."  -  Debbie


"It is my pleasure to congratulate you for the service and competency of your staff on the measure up and installation of the ramp. Having dealt with so much incompetency and slap-happy service it has been a pleasure to deal with you.  -  John


"I was really impressed with the ramp. It looks like it was tailor-made for the property. Really impressed by your prompt service."  -  Andrew, ACC Case Manager


"I love the ramp you made me, Ramp Man. I’ve been up the ramp 30 times today."  -  From a letter by Samantha


"The ramp has made such a difference to us all. The gentleman who installed it was so lovely and a pleasure to have at our home. He was also amazing with our daughter and made her day by including her in the whole process."  -  Fiona, Samantha’s mum


"Thanks so much for your quick and friendly service!"  -  Lara, Occupational Therapist

"The ramp is very unobtrusive and has not disrupted the look of the house. Also, thank you for the speed with which the work was done."  -  Shona, Occupational Therapist