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Home Solutions

Ramps for wheelchairs, threshold ramps, temporary ramps and anti-slip solutions for slippery ramps

Aluminium Access Ramps

  • For wheelchair, walking frame, scooter and pedestrian access to your home
  • Modular design makes ramps easy to install and remove
  • Ideal for rental housing or where you don't want a permanent ramp built on site, and for accident or medical recuperation
  • Suitable for everyone from children through to elderly people 
  • Modular components make it easy to design a ramp to suit your home (see our GALLERY for some ideas) 
  • Ramps are tested for safety in wet conditions (CONTACT US for safety tests)
  • Supplied to ACC and Ministry of Health nationwide - click HERE to complete Site Details form
  • To view/download our Aluminium Ramp Information .pdf click HERE


Threshold Ramps - Aluminium or Rubber

  •  Internal and external, for low steps, decks, doorways and ranch sliders
  •  Aluminium ramps have adjustable legs and come in standard lengths 850mm wide
  •  Aluminium ramps are lighter than rubber and 75mm side frames are standard
  •  Rubber ramps are custom-made from recycled rubber
  •  Rubber ramps can have bevelled edges and special ramps can be quoted
  •  Ideal gradients are from 1:8 to 1:12
  • See GALLERY for examples
  • To view/download Threshold Ramp .pdf Click HERE


Gripsert Timber Combination Ramp

  • Cost effective long term option
  • Aluminium strips add extra grip to timber surface of aluminium-framed modular ramp system
  • Available in 1m or 1.2m width, with 75mm frames and handrails
  • To view/download Gripsert Timber Ramp .pdf click HERE
  • Visit our GALLERY to see examples of ramps
  • May be eligible for ACC or Ministry of Health funding


 Gripsert Timber Planks

  • Used for building permanent timber ramps and steps
  • Aluminium strips improve grip on timber surface, reducing risk of slipping and falling in wet or icy conditions
  • Available to building contractors and personal customers
  • May be eligible for ACC and Ministry of Health funding - click HERE to complete Site Details form
  • To view/download Gripsert Tread .pdf click HERE
  • CONTACT us for a quote or for slip tests


Retrogrip Safety Tread

  • For improved safety on existing slippery ramps, steps and decks
  • Aluminium strips fit between planks and are fastened with stainless steel nails
  • Easy to install - any handyman can do it!
  • Tread is cut to the length you require - no mess or waste on site
  • We can pre-drill holes and supply nails if required, or quote to install for you
  • Visit our GALLERY for examples of Retrogrip in use
  • To view/download our Retrogrip Information .pdf click HERE
  • CONTACT us for a quote


Rental Ramp Service

  • Ideal for temporary accommodation, for visitors, or for other short term situations
  • Minimum 4-weeks' rental period
  • Uses our standard aluminium ramp system with handrails
  • Installed at 1:12 gradient as per recommended safety standards
  • Nationwide service
  • CONTACT us for a competitively priced quote
  • To view/download our Rental Information .pdf click HERE


Stair Nosing & Gripsert

  • Stair nosing has increased grip and is raised on leading edge to give secure footing 
  • CONTACT us for a quote or for further information